Low water fun 15th jan !!

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Low water fun 15th jan !!

Post by Mickyj on Sun Jan 15, 2012 10:39 am

Well after my rest day yesterday I was eager to have a flick .When I arrived at teh pat I thought LOW TIDE bugger !! With some surface movement provided by the wind I selected a shallow running surface lure.
After a few casts and realising how low the water level was I swapped to a smaller deeper lure . Second or so cast I was on a nice short fight ensure but I managed to land this 26cm Bream

Heres a closer look at the lure

Not a bad first fish on thie lure which cost me $3.98 the other day I was Very Happy and my heart was racing . So I returned the bream to the pat and continued on my way casting and not long after same lure landed me this little ST

I think you can still see the lure in this picture .
Then it went quiet for a very long period I could see fish follow and not strike the lure .Reached the southern end of the pat swapped lures .And I was off casting again getting follows losing small bream .
Finally after a long period I landed this smaller 18cm Bream

and same fish hopefully u can see this lure better

Once again it went quiet lots of walking and casting then a follow then a hit and a tiny 15cm bream

So it was really very quiet I swapped sides again and was heading towrads my car .Of course I had a flick amnd landed another small ST

At this stage i was hot and ready to head home after 3hrs but the large bream were attempting to hook themselves .Or were they just teasing yep they were .
So that was it fun morning at the pat

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