Friday 13th

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Friday 13th

Post by Mickyj on Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:19 am

Well after a donut day yesterday I was not overly confident of my chances this morning .After hitting the southern end of the lake very hard this week i decided to leave that area alone.
Started at the northern end on the city side .Seemed like a mistake with only 2 small bream following my lure . Moving along the shore and schools of fish maybe small mullet jumping I wasn't having the slightes bit of luck .Now the wind was coming over my shoulders/back .The surface of the water wasn't really moving in any area i could cast to!
So taking the risk after trying from halfway along the pat to the bridge barage, i headed to the seaward side of the pat .With the wind blowing accross my body to almost into my face I thought lets have a cast .While the wind wasn't gale force it was moving the water surface which i thought would be to my advantage .
I think about cast number 4 this side standing next to a tiny tree .The line went dont with a force and I'm on .Once again what a fight I managed to get this Bream I could see was a nice a size out of the water .
But using a hardbody with just a treble on the tail getting the fish to shore safely can be a hassle .And u guessed it this fish was off and amongst the rocks .
For those who know me know I aint the fastest mover in the world .Rod/reel went down backpack came off .I'm pulling and lifting rocks up and sitting there on dry land , was this fat 25cm BREAM !!!
picture 1

picture 2

Well I was one lucky light line fisher I got it Smile .So after picture taking and measuring back in she went .I continued on my way .Halfway along I got a ST but that tail hook came out and it was gone .
And yes I hit the southern end of the lake for zilch did change lures nothing switched back to the other side of the pat .Nothing even put a shallow running lure that got hit cast 1 by what I assume was a tiny bream could see the bronze colour .
But by 9.30 I was back at my car and heading off to an appointment!
That ends my fishing this week until..... Sunday morning Smile
What a week lol

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