Windy session on the pat iith jan 2011

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Windy session on the pat iith jan 2011

Post by Mickyj on Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:13 am

Arrived at my usual car park of late down at the pat .And the wind was the strongest I'd felt all week IMHO.Overcast skies started to spit on me Razz
Made my way along this section of the Pat thinking and looking skywards for some sun.
Didnt see any and while I cast out my lure was thinking well this will continue until some sun shines throw .
As normal once you think nothing will happen .Suddenly from out of the rocks the mini vib lure I was casting was hit !A short fight endured my 7ft rod bending downwards straining, the fish fighting the best fight I'd had all week .It took some effort to stop this fish heading under the walkway I was standing on. But I managed to get this 24cm Bream a shore !!!

So that was at 7.05 time to move on and I wandered out and under the bridge .To the main lake of the pat .It was now 7.15 nothing was following this lure when bam a little fight ensure nothing like the first and a ST was landed !!

Leaving this lure on and thinking I'd try the city side of the lake .But this side was much harder with the wind .I did swap lures but to no avail.
By 8 am I was back where I started and dropped another small fish .Another lure change but with the wind getting stronger I headed home around 8.30 am.
What a wind swept morning the biggest fatest bream of the week landed !!


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