2nd jan 2012

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2nd jan 2012

Post by Mickyj on Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:28 am

Well another hot morning in Adelaide . So I decided to start at another spot on the Pat this morning .
Water conditions were good tide was low again but the wind was prodcuing lots of small waves .OR to put it plainly lots of movement.
But the temp was all ready hot when I got there at 6am .
So with very few follows I left this spot and headed along the steps.Moving from shadow to shadow with the odd follow and odd miss . I finally got lucky standing in the shadow of a palm tree and had a small hit .Which resulted in this tiny greedy bream getting caught on both sets of trebles clue to its length!!

This tiny bream was the second fish to fall to this strike pro pgymy lure coffee coloured see through with stripes .
I kept going and when I had covered the length of the pat I swapped lures .But that was it no more follows or hits .2 hours after I started I had arrived back at my car hot tired and at least I landed a fish .
So thats the end of my long weekend Smile

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