27 th dec flick in the pat

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27 th dec flick in the pat

Post by Mickyj on Tue Dec 27, 2011 11:44 am

Well another morning waking up early and seeing grey skies . Undeterred I fed myself and the cat as per the norm and headed off towards The Pat .
Well it was still overcast wind had died a little when I arrived but the heavens had started to cry lol.
Anyway I rigged up and off I headed .Not exactly saying where I was at the pat lots of structure abounded me plenty to cast at . Roughly cast number four or six and I'm amomngst some rocks not on purpose when hit .I'm on and reeling in a very tiny and hard swimming all over the place ST .

Here it is even with some weed for added colour lmao.
So as the rain came down harder I took shelter for a short time and headed off walking and casting.While I did see some small fish nothing was bothering the lure that had nailed that tiny ST .So about halfway along this side of the Pat I swapped lures to a different coloured lure of the same type.
Nothing was hungry in the deeper sections nothing along the rocks or steps.So I swapped sides of the Pat .Still nothing did see the odd small bream.
Stopping at a very shallow section with mullet jumping I did manage my first Bream of the summer lmao .Two hours or more after the ST!!

And in this picture u can see the lure it took

I continued on my way past the glenleg sports thinggeeeee and back to my car .That I'm afraid is the end of my xmas fish back to the saltmine tomorrow!

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