Wednesday 22nd june The Pat

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Wednesday 22nd june The Pat

Post by Mickyj on Wed Jun 22, 2011 1:42 pm

Well I bought a brand new lure to try out today called a switchblade .It looked great in the water moved great .But the fish weren't around .The only "FISH" visible was a dolphin which has been prowling the Pat for the last three weeks .
So I just kept walking and casting was about to move to a different place at the Pat.when you guessed it $14 bucks down the drain.Snagged and the line snapped oh well shitty as I was feeling .
I tied onto my fluoro - carbon what can be called a natural looking see through strike pro pgymy lure .A very light brown with blue spots down the side of the body .I had purchased this lure weeks ago but nothing I repeat nothing had ever shwon any interest in it .I moved to a new location that wasn't very big, I had walked past it in the past .But have never fished it before.
First cast was awful a very bad cast and low and behold .What could be described as golden dive bombers under the water .Were just missing this lure .Next cast was better and bang .I'm on and with some drag tightening this rather nice 24cm Bream with large teeth had taken this lure.

I continued on my way walking and casting. I have to admit a couple more bad casts brought more golden under water dive bombers trying to eat this lure.
Then just as fast they disappeared!!!
So switching to another pgymy strike pro lure in gold and orange.I had success in the past with this lure .I walked my way back towards my car.
Bream had gone quiet again .
When once again that golden shape appeared and took that lure!!!
So a smaller 22cm Bream foul hooked itself and it was well and truly hooked !!!

That was 2 hours of fishing .All of the excitement was in the last 20minutes of fishing time .
A very nice way to spend an overcast winters morning in Adelaide!!
Believe me those 2 fish have taken me longer than 2 hours to catch its been a few fishless weeks!!

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