Easter Tuesday 2011

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Easter Tuesday 2011

Post by Mickyj on Tue Apr 26, 2011 1:56 pm

Well decided to head back to where this long weekend fishing start. Back to my old fishing haunt of West lakes .I was very interested to see how much of that awful weed that was present three weeks back had spread.
So I headed to some of the northern beaches .Found that weed widespread over one of the beaches.And the water level very low .I walked to the next beach very low water level lots of tiny fish .But once again no action .Headed back to my car but decided to have a quick flick along some nearby steps but nothing !!! Saw Bream but nothing hungry .
So off to beach number 3 .and once again very very low water level.Lots of small bream sighted nothing hungry .Beach number four it was .And once again I was having the same luck .But I kept the rod tip to the water .And really slowed down my retrieve .I mean if I went any slower it would Easter 2012 and bang I was on .

That tiny 19cm bream had taken me 2 hours and 5 different spots to land !!
I continued doing the same thing but had to call it a day .Nothing was playing anymore !!
So that was the end of my easter long weekend of which four wonderful mornings to catch Bream.all be the first one soaked me twice with rain !!
What did I learn .
A I like lure fishing
B dont lure fish near rocks $$$
C Strike Pro pgymy lures work
D cheap BIG W ie kokoda work as in the pat very well.
E I'd rather be fishing thn working lol

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