Anzac Day 2011 The Pat

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Anzac Day 2011 The Pat

Post by Mickyj on Mon Apr 25, 2011 1:18 pm

Got down to the pat pre dawn .I could actually here the bag pipes from the dawn service down at the bay !!
Wasn't a great start lost my cheap kokoda lure to a snag .Another lost lure oh well lesson learnt .But I did drop 2 tiny bream on it funny it worked really well in the pat and not west lakes . Watch-out Big W I'll be back lol.
I did a heap of walking today both sides of the Pat .But not long after the lure loss and put on my 1 remaining strike pro pgymy bam I'm on .

A small 20 cm Bream foul hooked but he took the lure Smile.
Bit more walking and I'm on again a tiny 14cm Bream

After losing that lure I decided just to hit the sandy flats (or beach sections of the pat).While I didnt land another fish I am certain by 8 - 8.30 the pat goes to sleep .

Saying that there were groups of small hungry fish St's or something else .I did on one of my last casts manage to hook one but couldn't land it !!
Anyway 2 1/2 hours latter I made it back to my car .
Can't think of a better way to spend an autumn morning in Adelaide !!



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