The Patawalonga Sunday 24th april 11

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The Patawalonga Sunday 24th april 11

Post by Mickyj on Sun Apr 24, 2011 1:09 pm

Well went down just before dawn .And boy was it hard to see while setting up may have to do that before I leave in future .
First cast and would you believe it. A tiny 16cm Bream took the gold strike pro lure.

And that was where my good luck ended .I did swap sides and have a chat from one of my online fishing buddies .But no more fish .I did swap lures and lost my other strike pro pgymy to a rock .
Switched to my kokoda look alike and while having some line issues .A big golden flash was swimming around it .As something was making the Salmon Trout jump one wonders what it was .
Anyway after another chat and gaining some local info . I managed to have a rather large bream try and eat this lure but he couldnt quite grab it .
So that was my 3 hours by the water.A great morning to be out and about !!
And I went off home and enjoyed a couple of great cups of coffee Smile


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