Good Friday 2011

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Good Friday 2011

Post by Mickyj on Fri Apr 22, 2011 1:04 pm

Well what a rainy night we had here awoke about 2.50 am .To a rather large shower of rain .And that made my mind up down to West lakes for me .
Thursday night I bought a new strike pro pygmy lure golden with an orange belly.Thought I'd give it a whirl.
So first beach I walked the entire length of this beach with only little tackers following this lure.
One last cast and a flurry of orange underbelly as a fish jumped and took hold of this lure .Before it had a chance of sinking .
And a nice little 22cm Bream

released it had one more cast and I ended up with a massive tangle .After some surgery I moved to beach number 2
Where I decided to try the kokoda(pretty sure it wasn't the other strike pro lure) lure that worked well in the pat last week.Nothing a few follows halfway along I thought lets change it .Went for the look alike strike pro then though nah put on the gold one
again .
It took awhile but I landed this little 19cm Bream

Then something weird and funny happened what's this weight on the lure it cant be another fish can it .

how I managed to land it and keep it hooked until dry land I have no idea.Talk about eyes bigger than its stomach .
And that was my good firday morning rained on twice tangled line and fish landed .not a bad morning .


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