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The Patawalonga

Post by Mickyj on Sun Apr 17, 2011 2:52 pm

Well the morning came that I decided to go to The Patawalonga lake instead of West Lakes.
So I got out my car and was greeted with early morning mist and fish jumping .All good omens I thought.
First difference I noticed straight away were no undersize Bream near the edges of this lake.
So what to do out i cast .Now it took a few casts and bit of walking .And you'd think after 5 yrs of Fly fishing for bream .I could retrieve my spin reel and lure slowly!!!
Anyway once I slowed my retrieves right down .I started to notice tiny bream following in my lure .
Came along to a stretch of sandy beach and the water was shallower here .Out i cast and bang I'm on .This Bream (the largest for the morning) was stripping line like mad .It was swimming and taking line as fast as I was walking and trying to tighten up my drag.At one point I thought it was a massive fish all due to the fact that my drag wasn't on .Not to worry he was hooked through the top lip and wasn't going anywhere.Next time I hope to have found or bought a measure lol.

and another shot of it

So with heart pumping and thinking all my Christmases (or should that be Easter) have come at once .I was off again still having problems getting my retrieve slow enough.Come along another section with steps and realising the fish were near the rocks .This tiny little Bream caught itself on the step in the water .I did nothing thought it was foul hooked but turned out it was hooked lip and side of body .Funny little thing was swimming at 1000k's an hour .and yes it was slightly bigger than that lure

So what else could happen move a bit further along this stretch of water and bang I'm on again.
Bigger than the second fish but smaller than the first

and in this shot its well and truly hooked

At this stage one of the locals came up to me and was chatting .I couldn't get away from them so I kept walking talking and casting .Missed a few small Bream and then with a cast as I approached the end of the steps.the lure hit the water and I hadnt closed the bail arm and I was on .But this time it was a ST got it to the shore but the lost it .
So by this time I had almost walked one side of this lake and it was 8am .The fish seemed to have gone home . I swapped lures but that was it off home for me .
And I enjoyed my trip Smile will I be trying The Patawalonga sure will .Funny that tackle shop guy said it wasn't worth trying Laughing


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