Ex Eagles in NAB Cup

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Ex Eagles in NAB Cup

Post by Columbo on Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:34 am

Good article in the Saturdays 3D Tiser about Brodie Smith after his good game last week...not bad for someone who supposedly couldn't kick.

Jarad Polec got some good wraps from the commentators Friday night especially after his goal, as did Byron Sumner having a run with the Swans Saturday night, think he also kicked a goal in the game against GWS.

Josh Growden and Jarrod Harding both played for GWS with Jarrod kicking a nice snap goal in the first half of the game against Gold Coast which scored him some praise from Jason Dunstall.

Great to see all the kids making a good start to 2011 and the club getting a few mentions on the national stage.

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