Dec26th 2010

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Dec26th 2010

Post by Mickyj on Sun Dec 26, 2010 10:51 am

Well it has been a very very long time .
So day after xmas winds blowing cooler than Xmas day.But I headed down to the lake anyway.Wind was blowing very strongly headed to the side of the lake with it at my back .Third cast and some tiny bream were jumping at my popper fly.I noticed that my newly tied fly matched the thrown out crayfish shells littering the lakes floor .Anyway that was it for that side of the lake.
So I thought the wind would also be at my back on the other side .Well I was wrong .First cast on this side was a shocker .But suddenly I'm on and off of a small Bream.Next cast was a shocker again but I'm on and this small bream landed
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After that fish I continued on my way but that was it .Two hours in a wind that was getting worse and no more fish.
But I'm on the board for this summer yippee

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