I am back at the lake

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I am back at the lake

Post by Mickyj on Mon Oct 25, 2010 7:20 pm

After my Victor trip got cancelled for this weekend.
I went for a flick along two of my favorite haunts at the lake yesterday.While me being me I should have used sinking line and varied my flies .Of course I left the floating line on and went with my popper flies.
While I got zero fish .I did get a fair few mini Bream to perform aerobatics while trying to eat something they couldn't grab. Jumping bream always gets my heart a ticking.but its better if they take the fly.
Tracking along these two beaches .I was trailing a school of something all I can tell u is they were small and thin (pencil garfish not certain or white bait ).And 3 or 4 loved to hit my moving popper but they were very very small.Of course I was trailing this school in the hopes that something bigger was trailing them!!!
I had a little chat with a fishing mate most of the time his sounder in his yak was a beeping .And I was scaring the bigger bream as I waded past them!!!
So guys it was great to be back and casting a fly .Probably better that I'm doing that after a winter free of fly fishing on a day when the bigger fish weren't quite
ready to jump out the water .
Big tip for those of us suffering from diabetes take your water bottle or end up dehydrated again like me lol
i did scare the odd larger fish I could see their wake near the fly when I moved it at the wrong time while having a homer simpson moment doh

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