best and fairest

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best and fairest

Post by zest on Sat Oct 09, 2010 10:21 am

Results from Eagles Best and Fairest last night

Most Improved - Peter Elfenbein
Edwards/Kinsman Medal - Jarrad Brusnahan
3rd best - Angus Poole
2nd best - Braden Cunningham
Best - Jarrad Harding

3rd best - Todd Cully
2nd best - Brad Graham
Best - Layton McMahon

Most Goals - Adam Grocke 38 Goals (no award)
Best 1st year player - Angus Rowntree
Most Improved - Patrick Giuffreda
Best Team Man - Luke Powell
Life Governors Award - Ben Grieger
Best New Player - Scott Lewis
Jamie Tape Medal - Players MVP - Justin Cicolella
5th Best - Luke Jarrad - 133 points
4th Best - Angus Rowntress - 135 points
3rd Best - Luke Powell - 137 Points
2nd Best - Scott Lewis -144 Points
Best - Justin Cicolella - 146 Points

looks like we felt the same way with the best for the year

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Re: best and fairest

Post by MightyEagles on Sun Oct 10, 2010 12:18 pm

If Lewis didn't get injured, he would have won.

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